About us

About us


 Attitude:  THOSE, WHO create the environment, do repairs, order furniture and create the environment for others and themselves, undoubtedly deserve respect, BECAUSE they demolish a “wall of pessimism and despair” – they create the future for themselves and for the rest...   


 The company "Kvikas" started its business in the spring of 1993. The business started from manufacture of plywood doors and gradually shifted to manufacture of furniture. Representatives of the company worked and improved their skills in two companies located in the former Western Germany - Shrainer Linker’s and the Fridrih family companies (Homberg) – which have 95-year and even 120-year old furniture manufacture traditions. The representatives, who improved their qualification there, were awarded with diploma work quality certificates. A workshop of the company “Kvikas” is located nearby Utena road, at 35th kilometre, Širvintos district, Jauniūnai (Jauniūneliai).      

 We offer:

1. measurements in the situation place,

2. computer-aided design of furniture,

3. delivery and assembly of furniture in the place.


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