25 years. From idea to …



1993 young bachelors of architecture technical school Andrius Kelbauskas and Ričardas Rožukas, in order to start their business, decided to gain experience and ideas in Sweden.

After successful circumstances, we were accepted to the famous Jarna Rudolf Staner Seminary (1) to gain experience (now known as Jarna House of Culture).

Here we met a great man - 78-year-old Arne Klingborg (2) - founder and head of the Jarna seminary, president of the Swedish Anthroposophical Society, supporter of anthroposophical architecture, artist, philosopher, publicist and a very inspirational person. 

Inspired by great examples of community spirit, ideas, and full of enthusiasm, by working responsibly, we quickly became trusted members of the community. Arne Klingborg introduced us to the behind the scenes of Carl Malmsten Stockholm Furniture School (3).

Arne Klingborg and his colleagues helped us to get the first small loan to start our business in Lithuania and fully supported two young enthusiasts along the way. Arne Klingborg left an indelible impression and became a spiritual teacher for life. 



In the summer of 1993, we established our company in Lithuania. Production of doors veneered with natural wood veneer has started. In 1994, we started manufacturing furniture. 

In 1996, with the recommendations of Arne Klingborg, the European Foundation HAEH in Jena (Handwerkerinnen und Handwerker am europäischen Hause e.V.), led by Nikolaus Huhn, provided us an opportunity to acquire practical skills in Germany (4, 5).

We were the first representatives from Lithuania to get an internship in a company with 120 years of traditions, and we received graduation certificates from those companies: Homberge / Ohm, furniture makers Schreinerei FRIEDRICH and Shreinerei LINKER (6, 7, 8). Article in a local newspaper (9).

After the practice in Sweden, the HAEH Foundation gave us a small loan and the first format cutting machine for the start of production in Lithuania. Purchased a small 500 square meters building for production near Vilnius, where furniture production still takes place.

In 2005, Kvikas went on a business mission to Japan (Tokyo) (10) and we introduced our production furniture there (11).

In 2014, the company's first kitchen furniture catalog was compiled and printed.
In 2016, the first export and installation of furniture in Annecy, France (12).
In 2017, Darius Rožukas created and improved the original furniture construction program.
The CMS system was installed in 2018.
The project "Quick offers of cabinets" is being implemented since 2019.



Invaluable experience in production and its organization. 
The company has 23 employees: 5 full-time and 18 freelancers.
700 sq.m. of production facilities with new equipment.
Systematized production: each process is carried out according to the same procedure-system and which is constantly improved.
Internal content management system TUV (internal company control and process management system)
Catalogs: kitchen catalog (since 2014), cabinets and bathroom furniture.
The company's capacity is 1 set of kitchen furniture, 2 cabinets and 3 bathrooms per day.
The company specializes in kitchen furniture, cabinets and bathroom furniture, as well as non-standard solutions.
A special construction program has been developed for clarity from the beginning of production to installation.
The "Virtual Portfolio" franchise has been created and distributed - a unique development system that has been tested in practice and is constantly being improved. Anyone interested can use our experience and start their own furniture start-up activities in their region.