10 reasons to choose us:
EXPERIENCE Furniture is manufactured by professionals with 25 years of experience.
EFFECTIVE AND WARRANTY-BASED We ensure that we will manufacture and install the furniture at the agreed time. The furniture has a 5-year warranty, and BLUM mechanisms have a 20-year warranty.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS We use only high-quality materials like BLUM lifting devices, hinges and drawer systems with braking function. German-made Egger furniture panels and table tops. The bottom of the cabinet under the sink is made of a special impregnated moisture-resistant plate.
DESIGNER CONSULTATION A professional designer will advise and design your furniture and indoor spaces.
ENGINEERING SCHEMES The designers will prepare an engineering scheme, which will indicate all the necessary points of electricity, water, sewerage, air outlet. Professionals who do the finishing and other work will only have to implement the plan. After completing the work, they check the accuracy and operation of all nodes.
PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION In your home, the craftsmen will cover the corners of the walls and the floor to prevent them from being damaged and will carefully install the manufactured furniture. For protection, the furniture is packed using the original “Kvikas” protective corrugated cardboard corners. Templates used for assembly - maximum accuracy guaranteed. For the strength of the mechanisms, flexible panels are attached to the furniture with pins, not directly with wood screws to the particle board. All cabinets are drilled with 5 mm perforations to adjust the height of hinges and shelves. The rail guides are fastened with euro bolts specially ordered from Italy to withstand the weight of the drawers. When installing the furniture, only German BERNER wood screws are used, which are way better than standard. German HETTICH fasteners are used, which ensure additional joint strength.
INNOVATION When measuring rooms and installing furniture, we use laser system to ensure maximum accuracy and to specify details and design furniture we use a special computer program.
MANUFACTURING PROCESS AND QUALITY-CHECK All the company's production processes are systematized and constantly improved. The original “Kvikas” computer program is used to specify the details, which helps to improve the construction of the furniture and to avoid mistakes. All manufactured furniture goes through a thorough inspection process. To ensure maximum quality, the finished furniture is assembled on a special stand and tested. Quality inspection takes place throughout the entire furniture production system, so we can only offer customers high-quality furniture that meets the highest standards.
SUPPLY OF HOME APPLIANCES AND OTHER ACCESSORIES We offer to buy German BLANCO products - sinks, mixers, drawer trays, chrome dish dryer and other accessories.
FURNITURE LIGHTING SYSTEMS Along with the furniture, we offer to purchase LED lighting.
because OUR GOAL – satisfied customers with our services and products.