Request form

Type of furniture
Furniture layout form
U form
L form (right)
L form (left)
G form
K (hallway)
S (single wall)
Materials used in the manufacture
Table top: 38 mm basic   10 mm compact HPL
Facades: Furniture panel   Glossy furniture panel   Painted panel
Address of the planned furniture
Sketch with dimensions (3-5cm accuracy) (<2MB)
Photos with dimensions (20mm accuracy) (<2MB)

How to order?

1Fill out the request form
2After receiving the answer (sketch and prices) - write whether the preliminary prices are suitable
3Order furniture visualization - project (kitchen 50, -, wardrobe 20, -...)
The resulting project can be edited and adjusted 2 times
4A meeting is planned to coordinate dimensions, materials, price and production deadlines
5Contract - advance - production