Translated from ancient French, the word “franchise” means freedom, granting of rights or privilege.


1. It is a tool or system for people who want to work independently. It is a developed set of work tools and methodologies, which covers the entire furniture sales process from order search to delivery of furniture to the customer.

2. You get 30 years of experience as a “concentrated elixir” that is formulated, segmented and systematized according to a proven sequence of work.

If you have never done anything like this before, it might be even better, because then you will not have “bad experiences and habits”. You have the opportunity to form the right habits that will lead to your success. You will avoid costly mistakes that have already been made and use the experience already gathered.

3. To get started, you will receive the initial information you need to make the first three “test” sales. If you decide that it is not “your way”, you can always sell your acquired rights to a new franchise representative found by you or us, even at a higher price.

4. Throughout your work with the Kvikas Pro franchise, you will receive support from Kvikas on any issues you may have. You will become a self-employed member of the Kvikas team.

5. The Kvikas Pro franchise system is being continuously improved and updated to adapt to the changing living conditions and customer needs. You will receive all innovations and upgrades as extras free of charge.


WHAT DO YOU NEED to become a Kvikas Pro franchise owner?

1. Desire to work for yourself – everything else will fall in places over time

2. Investment in the amount of EUR 300 (info and work tools)

3. Car, computer and smart phone

4. Work experience in furniture field

(order search, management and sale, furniture drawing, furniture assembly, accounting) is an advantage but not a prerequisite

5. Be able to organise your own work and work of auxiliary staff.


3 steps towards self-employment

1. Self-determination (concluding a franchise agreement with an e-signature)

2. Investment of EUR 300 for information and work tools

3. First three test orders and connection to the Kvikas system.

Only by doing something can you change something in your life!